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Sewing is fun – become your own designer 




Whether you´re looking for children´s, casual or elegant clothes, for accessories or fashionable, our simple and easy-to-use Brother Sewing Maschines is the smart and affordable answer to your small and big ideas.

For your first overview, check out our shop. We always have a changing range of solid Brother Models as well as a wide range of accessories available in the exhibition for demonstration purposes.

An intensive consultation and instruction is part of our offer. Together we find the right machine for your needs. The Team of Teddies and bags is looking forward to see you..


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Discover your creativity with Brother Machines



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Computer Sewing Maschines

Durchgangsbreite 28,5 cm





 Innov-is VQ2


Durchgangsbreite 21 cm


Innov-is NV1800Q       Innov-is NV1300        Innov-is NV1100      Innov-is NV1040SE


Durchgangsbreite 19 cm


   Innov-is F460          Innov-is F420           Innov-is F410          Innov-is F400


Durchgangsbreite 16 cm

a150_front_cutouta80_front_cutouta60_main_01a50_front_cutouta16_front_cutout          Innov-is_10A

 Innov-is A150        Innov-is A80         Innov-is A60         Innov-is A50         Innov-is A16                     Innov-is 10A


Electric Sewing Maschines 

XQ3700XN2500 XN1700 kd40_with_panels2 KD144_Little_Angelj17s_front_cutout

     XQ-3700           XN-2500             XN-1700        KD 40 Little Angel       KD144 Little Angel             J17S



combined Computer Sewing- and Embroidery Maschines

xp1_angle_awardinnov-is_xj1_front_cutout_floralNaeh_Stick_Innov-is_V5Naeh_Stick_Innov-is_NV2600Naeh_Stick_Innov-is_F480  0_Innov-is_M280D_Titelbild

    Luminaire XP1                   Stellaire XJ1                       Innov-is V5 LE                   Innov-is NV2600               Innov-is F480           Innov-is M280D



Computer Embroidery Maschines




       VR                  Innov-is V3 LE              Innov-is NV800E           Innov-is F440E          Innov-is M240ED


V3LE_Front_cutout_2_SmallStick_Innov-is_NV800EStick_Innov-is_F440E Innov-is_M240ED_Titelbild



Overlocker machines from Brother are able to convert three work steps in one process. The seams remain stable, durable and flexible at the same time. With an Overlocker machine, your projects - whether casual or elegant couture, whether accessories or textile art - can be implemented faster and more professionally. Who once sewn with an Overlocker, would not want to miss no longer the advantages of such a machine.

For your first overview, check out our shop about the comprehensive range of Brother Overlocker and Coverstitch machines. We are happy to advise you personally. We currently have the Brother 4234D and the 2104D models as well as a wide range of accessories available in the exhibition for demonstration purposes.




Overlock_4234D     Overlock_2104D        Overlock_1034D

  4234D           2104D           1034DX



CV3440_Titelbild   CV3550_Titelbild

  CV3440         CV3550