Material / care instructions

Material / care instructions


Material - Textile Labeling:


Product Data Sheet:



Dear customers and friends of handmade products.

We would be pleased if you decide on a carefully handcrafted product by “Teddies and bags“.






The configurator for color selection is unfortunately quantitatively limited, so we always offer you only a small part of our range. Certainly other colors can be procured and processed. In any case, the materials of the different colors are on stock in sufficient quantities. We try to satisfy all wishes of our customers - just send us an email with your color ideas.

All products in the series "Family Emoticons" and or "Hug family" "custom made" are always manufactured individually on customer request and are not mass products off the shelf. Despite the best efforts and a multi-layered quality management, manufacturing tolerances cannot be excluded in size and appearance - they are to be seen as normal by soft toys and other products.

The materials may occur slight variations in color. This is partly due to the product itself, to recordings, which have a different saturation on the light and the selected segment and also to color differences in the production process of the manufacturer between batches.

In order to remain faithful to our quality standards and the design line, our Teddies are exclusively made of some durable and easy-care fleece fabric as the outer material. It would certainly be easier production technology to implant design elements made of felt. Felt is not as durable and peels up. After a short while, it will look ugly, also felt is only partially washable.




Time of delivery:


The delivery time for goods - produced individually – are offered generally by about 3 - to 21 days. Depending on orders, sometimes you are lucky and the process go faster or it take a little bit longer






Outer material Soft toys/pillow:                100 % Polyester    
Outer material pillow:                               100 % Polyester    
Outer material bags :                               100 % Cotton and Polyester    
Outer material Cape:                               100 % Polyester

Outer material secret pocket:                    100 % Cotton
Outer material Rucksack:                          100 % Cotton
Thread / Embroidery:                               100 % Cotton  or Polyester
Filling Soft toy / pillow:                              100% Polyester      
                                                                fulfilled Eco-Tex 100 Product class 1
Magnetic locks:                                         Metal
Zips:                                                         Fabric / Plastic / Metal
Accessories (bags):                                   Plastic or metal
Packaging:                                               paper and board  (in some cases also plastic film)

We only use environmentally friendly and child-friendly raw materials.

Design elements on the upper outer material is sewn and stitched at the surrounding. Accessoires are fixed.




Care instructions: 



Your stuffed animal or bag (if no metal parts are installed):   we recommend that you hand wash at max. 30 ° C (delicates). "Teddies and bags" products like dry only on the air and not in the tumble dryer!

For better loosening of the stuffing, the product should be well shaken after a wash. Dry cleaning will damage the product more.




Warning notes:


Warnung_Kinder_unter_3_blau               Warning: Toys are not suitable for children under 3 years.


Checks the Teddies and bags product regularly for existing, potential and imminent damage. Just in case do not let your child play with the toy / Teddy before it has been professionally repaired.

Stuffed Animals must be kept hygienic. Make sure that your child does not lick at the Teddies and bags product or chewing on single parts. Please take care that the children - despite careful sewing - do not disassemble the stuffed animal in items and eating parts of it or take it in the mouth, because then there is a risk of injury or death of the child.

Toys must be kept away from open flames, sparks and similar hazards. Like all fleece, cotton and fillers are also used by us materials related and highly inflammable. At worst, it can lead to dangerous smoke and hot plastic tears.

Any type of packaging is not meant to be a toy and not for use as such. Packaging material must be disposed after delivery.

Use toys always under adult supervision.

Our toys is in accordance with the Directive for toys CE 2009 / 48 / EC.



Thank you for your understanding.

Sincerely, your team of "Teddies and bags".



Date  14.04.2016

Teddies and bags, Inh. Marcus Seiler, Mühlrather Str. 6A, 41516 Grevenbroich / Germany


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