Quality management

Quality management


Dear customers,

we would be pleased if you decide on a carefully handcrafted product by "teddies and bags". Below you will gain some impressions from our studio. Teddies and bags stands for quality, handmade, diversity and individuality.







































Emoticons makes happy!



The configurator for color selection is only quantitatively limited, so we always offer you only a small part of our range. Certainly other colors can be obtained and processed. In any case, the materials of the 10 different colors, which are mentioned, are available in sufficient quantities. We try to fulfill all wishes of our customers and are able to organize other colors - just send us an email with your color ideas.

All products in the series "Family Emoticons" and "McHug family" "custom made" are always manufactured individually on customer request and are not mass products off the shelf. Despite the best efforts and a multi-layered quality management, manufacturing tolerances can not be excluded in size and appearance - are to be regarded as normal in the soft toys and handbags.

The materials used may be slight variations in color. This is partly due to the product itself, made recordings, which have a different saturation on the light and the selected segment but also to color differences in the production process of the manufacturer between batches may occur.

In order to meet our quality standards and the design line, our Teddies are exclusively made of some durable and easy-care fleece fabric as the outer material. It would certainly be easier production technology to implant design elements made of felt. Felt is not as durable and peels up. Over time, it will look ugly, also felt is only partially washable.

The delivery time for goods produced individually we typically specify with about 21 days. Depending on incomming orders, this goes sometimes faster or take a little longer.


Thank you for your understanding.

Sincerely your team of "Teddies and bags"

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