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Your opinion is important to us     After years of individual one-off production of teddies, soft toys and handbags, we now offer you in addition to the series "Family McHug" the series Family "Emoticons" in a kind of modular system. Family "Emoticons" consists of soft toys, handbags, cosy pillows and gym bags.


The offer is the result of many tests in kindergartens and schools. The children have given a kind of reviews for different designs, sizes, shapes, colors and options, and we can guarantee to you, it was an quite exciting time.
Despite our experience, we were surprised by the result, the "little ones" favore for example not the perfect design - as if someone has painted with a ruler or by a computer, but a child-friendly design. Children prefered a personality and character - a schema of childlike characteristicsSo we call it a 
"Non perfect doll".

Likewise, the children have chosen snuggly fleece fabric and not Teddy fabric or velvet and very important was the secret compartment. It is a pocket with cloak or cape to store personal things safely and to trust it only to the stuffed animal.

There is innovative crafts, lots of love and a big touch of magic in each handmade unique piece of "Teddies and bags".

In order to remain faithful to our quality standards and the design line, our Teddies are exclusively made of some durable and easy-care fleece fabric as the outer material. It would certainly be easier in regard to production technology to implant readymade design elements made of felt or plastic. Felt is not as durable as necessary and peels.  Plastic parts may dissolve up. By the time, felt looks ugly and is also only partially washable. The quality of craftsmanship in "Teddies and bags" can be seen also in double stitching and knotting of the threads. Nylon threads are Industrially used, but were not applied by us. Although these threads can withstand higher loads at a single seam, but involves a higher risk of injury. Soft toys are bulging and applications are not just stiched on, because soft toys should not scratch. Rather, the applications are also made of fleece fabric and underlaid, to reach a beautyful 3 - D effect.


All our "as desired" products can also be prepared in terms of size, color design and design customization. Stuffed animals, handbags, pillows and gym bags as desired can be found in our shop. For this you can select different colors combinations, select accessories and individual embroidery. You have the opportunity to decide for a basic type of one of our popular series and compile via the so-called configurator your individual product.

Quality management

for detailed information, please visit also our  Qualitymanagement

or our  Configurator


Handmade Soft toys, Cosy Pillows, Gym Bags, Bandbags for kids and "she" are designed and built  in our studio, and of course, they remain in spite of the configurator individual masterpieces, new soft toys, teddies and other products are also constantly added.

For lovers of classical Teddies and cuddly toys, we also offer a variety of other exhibits in our shop under "Teddies and soft toys". 

Browse through. Have fun!

Your - Teddies and bags - Team.



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