Brother Embroidery Positioning Sticker EPS2 (Snowman)

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Brother Embroidery Positioning Sticker EPS2 (Snowman)


Make perfect placement easy by using the Embroidery Positioning Sticker, or better known as the Snowman. Camera technology on certain Brother embroidery machines allows for embroidery borders and large embroideries being joined by using the Snowman as a positioning marker.


Snowman sticker - Markers are removable and semi-reusable

For perfect placement - allows you to embroider in a straight line even if you rehoop skew

Joining large embroideries together perfectly, even after rehooping

Includes a total of 462 markers (77 markers x 6 sheets)

Art. No XG6749001


for Model:

  • Luminaire XP1
  • Stellaire XJ1 and XE1
  • PR1055X


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Brother PR1055X Embroidery-Machine Brother PR1055X Embroidery-Machine
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